What Are The Best High Performance Sports Cars With All-Wheel-Drive?

What Are The Best High Performance Sports Cars With All-Wheel-Drive?

What Are The Best High Performance Sports Cars With All-Wheel-Drive?

The new Audi All Season AWD Sport Coupes will be making their way onto the lot more streets in the coming months and the excitement just may be enough to make this vehicle one of the most popular on the market. With a new twin-turbocharged and interchanged gasoline V5 engine under the hood, the Audi All-Season AWD Sport Coupe promises to be much faster than the outgoing models. Combined with an aggressive body design, it is easy to see why the brand has steadily grown in popularity over the years and is quickly becoming a real competitor in the luxury market. So, what exactly makes this auto want so much of our attention?

To begin with, the all-new Audi All-Season AWD Sports Car has a powerful motorsport platform. The twin-turbocharged and interchanged gasoline V5 engine is capable of providing the horses necessary for pro-class drag racing. In addition to the powerful engines, this muscle is also capable of developing more horsepower than the previous generation of Audis. When combined with a powerful torque converter and a high-performance clutch, this engine becomes capable of producing more horsepower than the old types of diesel. Combined with a lightweight aluminum frame and high-performance suspension, the result is a lightweight sporty sedan that packs a punch.

Perhaps best known for its performance on the road, the new Audi All Season AWD Sport Coupe has a sporty, yet sleek design. Styling that is modern yet sporty is always a good combination. The signature kidney bean grafted to the front fender helps to reduce weight while at the same time improving aerodynamics. It has been crafted with a sporty stance that manages to not overpower the look of the vehicle. Offering a wider front end without losing down a low body feel, it offers a sporty yet sleek profile that is easy to get behind.

The engine that powers the AWD Sports Cars is a 1.3-liter twin-turbo V6 that has been designed specifically for this application. It is powerful yet lightweight which makes it easy to install and handle. Audi has managed to improve upon its already sleek profile by using lighter materials in all areas of the vehicle. The most notable changes have been in the internal cabin where improvements have been made with a higher grade of materials and a new air conditioning package. It is also offered with a standard 6-spd transmission and comes standard with a Torsion-leaf cast iron crankshaft.

The interior of any vehicle is always important. With the AWD Sports Car, Audi has managed to improve this feature again. Leather-trimmed sports seats offer a sporty yet soft comfort. The front and rear benches are available in leather as well. Sporty but lightweight seats are always a good choice. Leather is durable, has superior strength, and is very soft to touch.

Other features that are available on the AWD Sports Car are sporty dual-zone climate control, projector headlights, and alloy wheels with larger aluminum rims. Audi has improved here as well by adding sporty body parts. The front fender has been replaced with a sporty air dam, and the hood has been redesigned to a dropdown. The side skirts are now wider, and the rear diffuser has also been added to improve aerodynamics. A new LED light kit adds to the sporty look. The new Radeburg Crested Windshield offers sporty and classy looks, and it is available with an aluminum frame.

Sporty but power-packed cars make great road cars. With the AWD Sports Car, Audi has managed to keep this formula intact. Powerful engines, strong transmissions, and sporty exterior designs are what this line is all about. They have enough power to blow heads off of competitors but are lighter than most super sports cars in the market. With powerful engines and quick yet powerful shifts, they can lead the race for performance.

There are many colors and textures available to choose from. They also come in a wide array of price ranges. They are made for both boys and girls. Alloys and metals are used for the construction, and each model is equipped with both standard and alternate gear sets. There are even models that come with body kits, which can be ordered from any automotive parts dealer in your area.

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