Is The Dodge Magnum All Wheel Drive Sports Car For Me?

Is The Dodge Magnum All Wheel Drive Sports Car For Me?

Is The Dodge Magnum All Wheel Drive Sports Car For Me?

To determine which vehicle offers the most performance for its money, you should first take a look at what makes both cars so unique. Both vehicles have been introduced with air suspension, and both use power-steering that works differently. There are also many smaller changes made to the cars, such as revised bumpers and front skirts to help accentuate their distinct looks. A sporty AWD car is the perfect mix of looks and performance for today’s modern-day auto enthusiast. So, how does an AWD car differ from its gas-powered counterparts?

The actual dimensions of both vehicles are very similar. They both measure a mere 4.6 inches apart. The car on the left-hand side of the photo is the Porsche 911 Turbo, while the one on the right-hand side is the Dodge Challenger. The long-term winner of our comparison is the Dodge Challengers. It comes equipped with a supercharger, which boosts the horsepower rating to nearly 7 mph. This is far short of its closest competitor, the Ford Mustang, which sports a three-stage turbo system.

When compared side by side, both cars come equipped with the same transmission system: A five-speed manual or an automatic. Dodge’s direct-drive system is also featured in its AWD sports cars. This system allows the vehicle to transition from driving to all-wheel drive without resorting to the clutch. The result is an AWD car that sports a large body space and powerful muscle. The body is designed to minimize aerodynamic lift, allowing the car to shed some unwanted weight, especially when compared to other recent models.

Compared to other manufacturers, Dodge has yet another advantage when it comes to vehicles with high-performance engines. It only takes a standard performance sedan like the Challenger to get a high-performance sedan. By the same token, you won’t find any other automaker that can boast of a sporty and powerful engine like the Dodge. The new Dodge Magnum also sports a twin-turbo V-8. This supercharged engine produces more horsepower than any production vehicle in the world. The liter twin-turbo v6 engine cranks out more horsepower than any engine in the current generation of compact vehicles.

If you’re curious about the potential of your sports car, check out its power and torque numbers. While Dodge claims the Magnum has the second-fastest torque of any vehicle in the current compact car segment, the truth is the power train is rather mild. Its 1st gear can produce 250 horsepower. The second gear is rated at forty-seven horsepower. If you put the car on the cruise control, which is the stock setting on the Dodge Magnum, you will be able to reach a speed of just over twenty-five miles per hour. That’s pretty moderate, but a heck of a fast car.

Performance numbers aside, the real selling points of the AWD Sports Car are its looks and its build quality. The exterior is completely customized to maximize visibility and protect the body from rocks and hail. The front fenders, roof, and all-wheel parts are sculpted to maximize airflow while minimizing drag. Dodge claims this feat can reduce engine cooling times by up to two seconds and boost passenger safety by up to four feet.

Inside, the all-new Dodge Magnum uses the most cutting edge engineering and design to complement its beefy engine and supreme power. It starts with a two-door coupe that flares out from behind the AWD Sports Car’s aggressive stance. The car is also outfitted with the most aerodynamic and aggressive new wing set found on any production vehicle. In addition to the aerodynamic bits, the interior has been specifically developed to meet stringent noise reduction and airbag standards set by the Department of Transportation. One such feature is the addition of a full-size multifunction steering wheel with paddle shifters. Combined with the new, lightweight three-spoke leather paddle shifters and black titanium spindle pull, it’s no wonder this AWD Sports Car gets an award for being the most refined and technically advanced muscle car on the market today.

If you’re looking for something powerful, stylish, and high performing, the new Dodge Magnum is your car. Its base model only has the standard grade of AWD but upgrading to a GT-R or other model increases the performance capabilities and makes owning one even more rewarding. The most important aspect of owning any muscle car is to ensure it has strong point-to-point power. With over five thousand horses powering the engine, there’s no question the Magnum is among the most powerful muscle cars in the world. Its powerful flat torque and powerful handling make it a real joy to drive. The ability to build quality muscle cars is the aim of anyone who owns an AWD sports car.

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