Is The Audi Q7 All-Wheel Drive Sports Car The King of Road?

Is The Audi Q7 All-Wheel Drive Sports Car The King of Road?

Elegant design, comfort and security, good suspension and good engines, seemingly with something lacking premium SUV class, receiving the Grand Prix. Founders Audi Q7 are untapped reserves in the engine range. Throughout the rest of the car has not changed, but the name 4.2 TDI means that the new version audience equipped turbo diesel worst of all, which suggests that the German company. And all of which are mounted on jeeps.

The mere engine is not opening .4.2 liter engines were already represents sedans from Audi. Power 326 horsepower, the maximum acceleration to 236 km / h. Q7 is a great example of a great car. Just look at the driver’s seat. Luc, plus two more transparent sections over their heads. Corporate Display Interface, a small screen on the dashboard. Exterior mirrors warn you that the rear side of a moving car. Lever six automatic gearbox “Triptronic, plus a steering rope for transmission. In the car lot of standard and optional equipment. The new engine Q7 is not simply added to the list of its merits, with the compressor is almost a sport among modern diesel vehicles.

At the curvy road is a pleasure to the accuracy and grace with which Leviathan Q7 coping with turns. On the highway, I checked the car to yield. Once vacant space. Gas in the field and … Tiger has been able to break out of the cage. It seems that the 4.2-liter diesel engine charged thermonuclear torque. He quietly peacefully waiting for you not to include it.

More went to the motorway and here is where the compressor is a break. Jeep with frightening speed catching other inhabitants of the road and makes them shift.

Did you say something about the nature of sports? This is a new diesel version of the Audi Q7.

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