How Did The 2012 BMW 328i AWD Sports Car Bode In Its Review?

How Did The 2012 BMW 328i AWD Sports Car Bode In Its Review?

As an owner of the previous 3 series BMW, I will be giving my take on the all-new 2012 BMW 328i. The BMW 328i is BMW’s entry-level 3 series car. The 2012 model has a 240 hp, in-line four-cylinder engine. It’s a 2 liter, dual overhead cam engine that features BMW’s Valvetronic technology. This is plenty of power, considering the car is fairly lightweight. Acceleration and shifting are very smooth as well. One great thing about this engine is that it gets very good gas mileage, unlike some of the other cars in this class.

The car went under a redesign for 2012, which I think looks quite nice, but I think the old design looks a little bit better. Something about it just looked sharper and sleeker. I was a huge fan of BMW’s previous three series halo ring headlights, which have changed a little bit, but nothing too drastic. Changes to the interior are minor but noticeable and I have to say that I like the newer interior design better than the previous one.

This car has an abundance of interior features that will probably take you a few weeks to learn. The engine starts and stops buttons are still in place as before. The 328i now comes standard with a USB and iPod adapter whereas before it was an optional upgrade. If you get the chance, the Harmon Kardon stereo system is definitely worth the upgrade. The standard stereo system is very good, but the Harmon Kardon systems stereo quality is top-notch. This time around, the technology package includes the navigation system as well as a head-up display. There is an option for the speed limit information to be displayed in the head-up display, which is quite interesting. I have found the head-up display to be extremely nice to have when you don’t want to take your eyes off the road.

As far as interior color options go, there is quite an array of choices: Black Dakota leather, black with dark oyster, Dakota leather with black and red highlights, and Dakota leather in saddle brown are just a few of the interior color options. Honestly, I think they all look great, which I can’t say about many cars.

Overall I think BMW did an extremely good job on the 2012 328i. Even though it is the entry-level 3 series, you still get an immense amount of features for a stellar price. Going with the sedan version is going to be a good bet for space, but if you are looking for something a bit sportier, the coupe version is great as well. If you’re in the market for a car in this area, it’s definitely worth a test drive and looking into. I have been super pleased with mine thus far.

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