Here Is Our 2011 BMW 335i All-Wheel Drive Sports Car Review

Here Is Our 2011 BMW 335i All-Wheel Drive Sports Car Review

Here Is Our 2011 BMW 335i All-Wheel Drive Sports Car Review

The BMW 335i is a force to be reckoned with, to say the least. Starting at a $44,100 base price, this car is not for anybody who is looking to save. But for anybody who has the money and who wants the feel and handling of an amazing sports car with the prestigious and elegant look that is expected of a BMW, then the 335i is it.

With a 3.0-liter, 6-cylinder engine and 300hp engine stock, you know you can’t go wrong with this car. The handling is very responsive as with any BMW. Just move the steering wheel a tiny bit in any direction and the car moves in a flash. The BMW 335i also has very good traction and sticks to the road, unlike many other rear-wheel-drive luxury sports cars.

A great feature that BMW offers which other car companies don’t are the customization of your vehicle. If the BMW dealership does not have the exact car that you wanted then they will build one for you. Not only does BMW offer many different interiors and exterior color combinations but they also have many different packages to choose from to make the car unique to you. With just a few of the add-on features, you can change the look of your car drastically.

Unfortunately, some of the packages are not worth it. The navigation package is one of them. It may seem tempting to have a built-in navigation system in your BMW but it can have quite a confusing user interface. Half of the time it won’t find the exact location which shows it is not the best navigator out there and especially for its steep price of $2,000, it is not much of a deal.

Some of the options offered by BMW will only pertain to you depending on where you live. If you live in a sunny place such as Florida or California then some of the options such as ski rack, heated front seats, and heated steering wheel will not be all that useful. Of course, the great thing about all this is that you can pick and choose what you want your car to have. There is nothing like having a car customized the way you want it.

Aside from being excessively pricey at times, this car is an absolute dream. Regardless of whether you use the BMW 335I to get from point A to point B or whether you just want to have a little speeding fun. Driving in this piece of machinery on the highway is far from boring and with 28mpg, you won’t have to worry too much about gas money.

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