Here Are All The Details About The AWD Sports Car Kia Stinger

Here Are All The Details About The AWD Sports Car Kia Stinger

Here Are All The Details About The AWD Sports Car Kia Stinger

What is it like driving a Kia Stinger? Would you like to know more about the Kia Stinger GT2? Check out the long-term test of an original Kia Stinger GT2. Did the interior and ride quality of this mid-sized sedan live up to your expectations?

The first stop on our review tour of the new Kia Stinger was its high side-impact drag strip. At first, I thought the idea of having this feature on a car that sells for just over $30k, must be to help increase low-end power. However, upon further inspection of the all-wheel-drive Stinger, I discovered the drag strip had nothing to do with power, but with aerodynamic performance and body length. The Stinger’s EPA mileage came in at just over 16 mpg, which is excellent, especially when compared to many other mid-size sedans on the market today.

During our second stop, we upgraded to the Kia Stinger GT. The all-wheel-drive Kia wanted us to find out what it felt like to steer the car while it was in reverse. I found the transition to be smooth, and the suspension did an outstanding job of keeping everything under control. The ride was firm but smooth all the way around. From our street tests, the standard edition of the Stinger with the unchanged suspension set up, outperformed the upgraded version by just over three percent.

Up next on our road trip was the classy and roomy all-wheel-drive package of the Kia Stinger GT. Although we got little chance to test out the luxury features, we could get an idea of how well the car’s features were integrated into its overall luxury package. One of the best examples of integrating luxury into the Stinger is the integrated GPS navigation system, which integrates not only the Kia’s OnStar system but also Mercedes’ own EasyStar navigation system.

The all-wheel-drive Kia Stinger GT comes standard with a 4.2-liter Kia V6 engine, which is one of the most powerful engines offered in the sedan class. The engine allows the vehicle to achieve a low profile and comfortable ride. We also enjoyed an efficient powertrain that made quick work of all of our other road trips. Even with the limited-slip differential, the vehicle made quick work of negotiating uneven or rocky terrain.

Until our last stop of the day, we hadn’t been able to test out any of the optional extras. However, once we got inside the Stinger, the high quality of the interior materials and the quality of the ride immediately sold us. Kia has consistently produced vehicles that have been noted for their excellent build quality, from their small compact crossovers to the stylish strollers. Despite being small, the Stinger is roomy inside, even for a four-door sedan. Our only complaint about the interior was that access to the leather upholstery was a little difficult, but overall, the Stinger held our attention long enough for us to enjoy our time behind the wheel.

Just like every Kia vehicle, the Stinger also comes standard with a 3.2-liter V6 engine, mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. For those who want to upgrade to a full-sized sedan, there are several available powertrains to choose from, starting with the ever-popular GT-line. Only in the coupe, the GT-line offers both the economy and power of the full-sized sedan. The turbocharged gasoline models offer smooth, powerful acceleration and comfortable seating for ultimate handling. Only in the mid-size and compact car trims, the GT-line also offers unique performance and design features, such as signature twin exhaust pipes. Both the coupe and the convertible model are equipped with a limited-slip drive system, allowing the cars to be easily changed with aftermarket accessories.

Limited to just manual transmissions (with the help of an optional automatic transfer gearbox), the Stinger has received an overall score of only medium thanks to its rather heavy steering and tires. However, after adding on some heavy-duty rotors and brake calipers, the Stinger’s steering responds well, providing the drivers with an experience similar to that of handling a Ferrari. Overall, the handling on the Stinger is fairly decent, despite lacking some lightness of some competitors. However, the overall handling stability of the Stinger is much better than that of its bigger brother, the GT-series.

The Kia Stinger is a nice car. It has a stylish interior with a very intuitive touch-screen, comfortable seating, ample legroom and headroom in both rear rows, and a very large rear cargo space. It’s also spacious inside, with no less than five seats and a very high ceiling. And what makes it even more attractive is that this car comes with a very accessible and easy to drive gasoline engine that promises to take you anywhere.

The Stinger was first designed by a Korean car company for their export market. Their North American division then took over the project and released the stinger in the United States for sale here. However, many owners have reported problems with the Kia Stinger’s interior design compared to its Korean counterpart. Below are some more common complaints about the interior of these vehicles.

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